Life With Laura U.K.

Today I introduce myself properly. I’m no longer anonymous since upon reflection the reasoning for my anonymity was moot. I had tried to keep my identity a secret so I could have the freedom to talk as openly as possible, but it didn’t last long and the people I had wanted to shield myself from found my blog (due to my own stupidity). Since they already know about my blog I did consider making a new blog but truth be told I am somewhat proud of my blog, its my little baby that I’ve worked on, nurtured, and watched grow for the past eight months. I paid for my domain names and so it felt a waste to let that go and start over just to spare people’s feelings, when realistically the damage was already done from my original posts. With that said I thought long and hard about what I felt was the best course of action for me…  I’ve decided to keep my blog but scrap the anonymity. The likelihood is there will be things I say that people don’t like and I don’t apologise for that because this is my blog. I can be completely unfiltered with and without the mask and so with that said; Life With Laura U.K. is born. With the new domain name and branding there will be a few minor changes however, the general tone and topic of the blog will remain the same. I am still the same person except now I have a face and a name.

Who am I? Well I’m Laura (pretty obvious right?). I am 20 years old and I live in Cheshire. Everything I revealed about myself as “An Incognito Blogger” is true: I do suffer with borderline personality disorder, I do suffer with agoraphobia with panic disorder, I am a health and social care student, I do have a cat called Luna, and I was abused as a child. With or without a name I was always honest about myself and my past, so those of you who follow me I hope you know things will not differ too much.

My aims moving forward with the new branding is to fall in love with blogging again. I lost sight of why I enjoyed blogging so much as I had to curb what I really wanted to say. I felt I couldn’t be honest about my life because I didn’t want such people from my past knowing about who I am now, and what my life is like now, but I realise I will never escape that lack of privacy. There’s no sense in trying to portray myself in a certain light because there’s no hiding. I am me. Just uncensored, unadulterated me. And I am proud to have my life both good and bad, its time I stopped censoring myself in the hope the problem will go away.

“When you find no solution to a problem, its probably not a problem to be solved, but rather a truth to be accepted.”

Disclaimer; to the person whom this post concerns, I will clarify – I have no intention of personally attacking you and this post isn’t meant as such. Its merely a realisation/acceptance of the fact we will likely never move out of this cycle so there is no sense in me trying to put on a show in the hope you will become bored of me. I completely understand and empathise with why we’re in this cycle hence why I’ve taken the time to address you.


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