Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself To People On Social Media

I think we’re all a little guilty of this. No matter how happy we are, no matter how much money we have, how nice our house is or our clothes, no matter how good our friends and family are… We all get a bit envious of someone on social media from time to time. This post conveys the simple message that not everything on social media is as it seems, everyone says it but this is my recent experiences with comparing my life to others on social media.

Having agoraphobia I spend a hell of a lot of time at home which usually means I have a lot of time to scroll through social media. On my social media I have a particular girl who for the purpose of this post we will call A. A is a stunning brunette with bright blue eyes, glowing skin, and the type of teeth you see on the advertisements for teeth whitening. She’s my vision of perfect height and stature, with a body to die for. She works incredibly hard, whilst attending university too. She drives my dream car, and is renting her first house which is also beautiful. She’s got loads of great friends and always goes out doing things like going for posh dinners, or drinks with “the girls”, or walks with her adorable little dog. She comes from money so she never wants for nothing, and her family, well they’re all as beautiful and put together as her. All academic, all have good jobs, all look like models, and all living their best life. To me they’re perfect, especially A.

So I’ve been following A on social media for quite some time, we spoke a little and she was just so kind which made me aspire to be like her all the more. Until yesterday. She posted a series of photos of  herself all ready to go out only she didn’t have the usual white wall background like she usually would. She stood in her garden and it was then I started to see the contorted bricks behind her. They curved inwards toward her teeny tiny waist, and outwards around her boobs. Her cheeks and jaw line were also surrounded by these misshaped bricks. Its then I realised that she was not an exception to the “don’t believe what you see on social media” rule. She too has insecurities. She too has had to go through bad friendships and relationships. She too has arguments with people and cries. She too has days when she is lonely, or afraid. I’d been admiring her, and aspiring to be like her based on an image she chooses to project, not one that is necessarily true.

Often its easy for us to get so taken in my the appearance we see in social media that we forget about this rule. Nobody is an exception. Even the celebrities whom we follow are not an exception. Photos can be edited, they can be posted at just the right time to make someone’s life appear a certain way. Social media is a mask a lot of the time so we shouldn’t base ourselves on facade. This is part of the reason I chose to be an anonymous blogger. My life has been under scrutiny by an individual from my past who I had wanted to keep my life private from. By hiding behind anonymity I had the freedom to talk freely about everything in my life, without picking and choosing what I could and couldn’t say. I thought I had been able to shed my mask at last. Unfortunately when you make silly mistakes like accidentally liking one of their tweets you have to put the mask back on. So even with anonymity my life on social media is not as it seems, and is only what I choose for people to see. Everyone has this ability, everyone has this mask, and this why no-one can ever compare their lives to that of someone on social media.

“The world is full of precious souls wearing masks to hide the pain.” – Alfa


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