30 Things I Want To Do Before I Hit 30

Right now, I am only 20. It’s still a frightening though to think I only have 9 years and 5 months left until I’m 30. I’m full of ideas and plans for things I want to do before I hit that milestone so here are just a few. I hope that when I turn 30 you’ll all still be on this journey with me to see how much I’ve accomplished. Cherish your life and live.

1. Have My Spinal Fusion:

If you don’t already know what this refers to then you may want to read my previous post; Bent Not Broken which is all about a condition I suffer with called Scheuermann’s Disease. I have a curvature in my spine that needs correcting, so I’m having rods put in my back to straighten it. The last I heard about it was my pre-op in December last year, and with my life being a tad hectic right now it’s slipped my mind. I’m hoping to follow up with them soon, and have had my surgery by the end of this year. It’s been the source of a lot of pain, and the reason behind my lack of confidence so I’m extremely excited to be waving goodbye to this chapter of my life. I look forward to many summers of feeling comfortable wearing vest tops, and bikinis. It’s going to be a massive game changer in my life and I cannot wait!!!

2. Pass My Driving Test:

Unfortunately I’ve failed my test twice. Now you can save your judgement because I know it seems bad, however, I will add that in my lessons I am completely faultless. I have had no issues whatsoever. But if you send an agoraphobic person into a test… Well it’s just a recipe for disaster. I’ve made two major faults with very few minors, all because I got anxious and panicked.

3. Decorate My Home:

This is a really small one but an important one. Twice I had moved into flats that were previously rented by heavy smokers. I’m surrounded by nicotine stains on the ceilings and walls, which I hate. Because I’ve been experiencing financial difficulties I’ve not yet had the chance to sort these eyesores but once I’m financially stable again, I look forward to making my flat my little home.

4. Get Braces:

Another small one. It’s something I was robbed of because my teen years were very turbulent. I moved around a lot and by the time the dust had settled I was 18 and no longer entitled to braces on the NHS. I want to be able to save the money to get braces for myself.

5. Get A Pomeranian:

I absolutely adore animals and although I already have my beautiful little cat; Luna, I would love to have a Pomeranian to take on walks, and on days out. I love my cat but they’re very independent animals so I’d love to have an addition to our little family.

6. Get Healthier:

I’ve really let myself go recently which coupled with my medication (which makes you gain tonnes of weight) means I’ve not got the body once had. I really want to lose a couple of stone but more than anything I want to tone my body. I get really bad bloating due to stress-triggered IBS so I’m hoping if I lose a stone or two then the bloating won’t matter as much. I might add that if anybody reading this has any advice about reducing bloating from IBS please comment or tweet me, any advice will be taken with open arms. I’d also like to be able to go to the gym which at the moment is near impossible as I’m agoraphobic.

7. Buy A New Car:

I touched upon this vaguely on my Twitter. I really want a white car and to drive around with a foo-foo dog. Dream small people, dream small. But in all seriousness I’ve fallen in love with the newer Volkswagen Golf’s from 2014 upwards. So I’d really like to save for that car when I get back to work.

8. Get Engaged & Married:

I’m not in any sort of rush so honestly this ones more for the end of my twenties. I never thought I’d care for marriage but honestly my perception on marriage has changed greatly in the last 4 years. Plus, we all love a good party don’t we?

9. Become Fluent In A Second Language:

In high school I took Spanish for my GCSE’s and I got a B so I must have been quite good. Since I left school I’ve forgotten most of it but I’d love to be able to relearn the language. Knowing a second language can open quite a lot of doors for you, but more than anything it’d make holidaying in Spain all the more exciting!

10. Visit Iceland:

I bloody love Iceland! I’ve never actually been but I’ve seen so many people who have and I am just in awe of the place. How one country can have so much beauty is beyond me, from the northern lights, to whale watching, to the blue lagoon. Iceland is an absolutely stunning place and the place I am most excited about visiting one day!

11. Go To Disney World, SeaWorld & Universal Studios:

When I was 2 my family and I went on holiday to Florida as my parents got married at SeaWorld (my Mum loved dolphins). With me being so young I don’t really remember it so I’d love to be able to go as an adult.

12. Go To A Comic-Con:

I’m a DC girl, but anything geeky usually appeals to me. Here in the UK we do have comic-cons but they’re pretty pathetic compared to American comic-cons, the best known celebrity we see is usually Craig Charles (Red Dwarf) but since we’re in the U.K. he’s best known for Coronation Street which isn’t at all comic book/sci-fi/geek related.

13. Visit New York In Winter:

I’m so cliché but you can’t deny that New York in the snow is a magical sight to behold. What’s life if we can enjoy the cliché wonders of the world, right?

14. Visit The French Countryside:

Again, probably very cliché but I’d love to be somewhere like Bourg-en-Bresse or Manosque, drinking tea and eating delights from a local patisserie. This to me is just heavenly.

15. Have My First Child:

I’m only 20 and for me this isn’t the right time for me but before I turn 30 I’d like to at least be pregnant. Although many of my friends are settling down already my partner and I have a lot of stuff going on which means we can’t have children right now, such as my surgery. I do get incredibly broody, and I can’t wait for this part of my life to come around!

16. Build My Blog:

I am in no way in a rush to build my blog overnight. I want it to happen very naturally. Over time I want to better my writing skills, build a solid group of followers & friends, and eventually be able to work from my blog. I just want to have a concrete foundation to build off of, so that I don’t lose sight of why I started my blog (which is a story for another blog post) which means it needs to be nurtured. It is after all, my little baby.

17. Come Off My Medication:

As it stands I take 4 different medications for my mental health & my back condition. Whilst I’m not too bothered about my pain medication as such as I know my surgery should help with this, I am adamant I would like to come off my antidepressant before I have children. To clarify, I am not shaming people who take medication, it’s a personal preference of mine because the medication I am on causes a hell of a lot of brain fog. I don’t take it for depression, I take it for anxiety so the aim is the engage in the correct therapies so that I am able to manage my agoraphobia without medication.

18. Visit Italy:

If you’ve read “Eat, Pray, Love” you will understand why. If not, you should definitely read it!

19. See Anne Frank’s House:

I’ve wanted to see it since we studied Anne Frank in Year 5 (a whopping 10 years ago). I find it so crazy how such a strong family went through such trauma. It’s such a horrific tragedy but seriously, what strong people were they?

20. Try Camping:

Hopefully at some point not too long after my surgery myself and a group of our friends will go camping. Great company, a roaring fire, music and a few drinks. Memories in the making!

21. Get My Health & Social Care Degree:

My “adult” life got off to a very rocky start, but I’m currently at the very beginning of studying Health and Social Care at a beginners level. If this course goes well I’m going to be getting my health and social care degree with the Open University. Because of my mental health I’ve struggled to engage in education but with the right support I’m trying to better my life being proactive, whilst getting help for my mental health. A lot of people who’ve been through care have a really bad attitude toward social services but they saved my life, and if I can be half the social worker mine is, I will be very proud of myself.

22. Save For A House:

Nowadays in Britain our generation are really struggling to buy houses but I hope that if I continue to work hard in life, I will overcome statistics and be able to buy a house. I thrive off of proving that no matter what your background is you can achieve what you want. I am a child who came from abuse, went through care and homelessness, yet I am still getting a degree, I am still going to buy a house, I am still going to succeed.

23. Go To A Concert:

At the age of twenty I am somewhat ashamed to admit I’ve never been to any form of concert. Whilst most my friends love going to concerts and festivals the sheer mass of people has always daunted me but nevertheless, I want to face my fear and attend a concert before I turn 30.

24. Write A Book:

I’d like to write both a fiction book and a non-fiction book. The non-fiction book would be about one of my experiences whether that be my childhood, or my mental health, or something else that life throws at me. I’d like to write an account of something I experienced for other people to read and relate to, something more than a blog post. The fiction book could be from my wildest imagination and would purely be for the fun of it! Nothing big, just an ebook.

25. Rebuild A Relationship With My Brother:

When things came to an end at home, my brother stayed with my Dad. Because my Dad and I don’t talk it’s been incredibly hard to maintain a relationship. I haven’t been allowed to see him and he’s always breaking his phone so we lose contact for long periods of time. I hope that once he’s 18 and old enough to make his own decisions we will find a way to rebuild our relationship. He’s always said he’d like to, and it’s something I look forward too!

26. Volunteer abroad:

There’s tonnes of options out there for those of you who are interested in doing this too, this can vary from volunteering to teach English, to helping build homes and schools. Personally I’m struck between Thailand and Africa. Not only do you get to experience the beauty of another country, you’re helping others which is always a nice feeling.

27. Go On An African Safari:

As I said, I’d love to volunteer in Thailand or Africa. Whilst I’m there I’d love to go on a completely natural safari. Here in England we can go to Knowsley Safari Park which is great but it’s never going to be the same as seeing the amazing animals in their natural habitat (do I sound like David Attenborough yet?).

28. Take A Risk:

A “risk” could be a variety of things from bungee jumping, a parachute jump, a sky swing, zip lining, deep sea diving, swimming with sharks, the list is endless. My choice would depend greatly on what my surgeon says is okay after surgery.

29. Ride A Motorbike:

My boyfriend is a complete petrol head. He loves all things cars and bikes but bikes are definitely his preference. For so long he’s been begging me to get involved and I’ve just grown to fear them. I want to overcome my fear of them and learn to ride so that we could share the buzz.

30. Go To A Football Match:

I’m a Manchester City fan and my partner is a United fan so I don’t see myself dragging him to a City match any time soon, but maybe we could go and see Macclesfield play or maybe even a World Cup match.

“I’ll look back at this and smile because it was life and I decided to live it.”


2 thoughts on “30 Things I Want To Do Before I Hit 30

    • I think it’s so fun reading others and hopefully in 10 years I can refer back to this post with so many memories and achievements 😁 x


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