NO! To The Times Up Movement

Many of you will already know what the “times up” movement is but for those who don’t it’s a movement in which people are saying times up for inequality between men and women. Which is great right? Sure it’s fantastic we really want equality but I for one completely disagree with how the movement has been handled.

Firstly, if you refer to the dedicated Instagram page you’ll be welcomed to many facts about women being mistreated. The posts with address you by saying “Dear Sisters”… This is a feminist movement. This isn’t a movement for equality. This is a movement to constantly outline all the ways women are still wronged in today’s society. I agree there are still some aspects of inequality that need to be addressed but when the facts on the “Times Up Now” insta page all refer to women being sexually harassed, women not being as common in certain job roles as if men aren’t effected. Some men won’t get jobs in women-orientated roles but I don’t see a movement for their equality. I worked in a nursery and do you know how many male staff there were? Zero. Not one. And I doubt that they would’ve been hired because due to inequality there’s something that feels a little “wrong” having a male nursery practitioner. The movement doesn’t address this, just women. What about the many men who get sexually harassed but it’s just not described as that because they’re male? If a male were to even stare at a woman’s body in the workplace that’s sexual harassment, yet if a woman were to stare at a man or even go so far as to cat call and flirt with him when he were not interested that wouldn’t be sexual harassment.

The times up movement is frankly more archaic than the inequality it’s trying to battle. To create a movement as if women are the only gender effected my sexual harassment, gender bias, inequality etc. is laughable. If you’re going to create a movement for equality then it should actually be equal, across all genders. You’re fighting against gender bias by being gender bias and for that I think you’re foolish.


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