Welcome 2018

If you’re on twitter then there’s absolutely no doubt you are aware of how much a “great” start 2018 is off to already, but nevertheless I’m going to steer away from all of that negativity and welcome 2018 with all the positivity it deserves. No year is ever going to be perfect, we’re human and therefore not immune to hardship, but every year can be viewed with a certain degree of optimism, as long as you’re able to build and grow from any negativity.

2018 for me begins with three simple resolutions. I’m not one for the whole “I will eat healthy and drink more water” resolution because personally I believe if you want to make changes any time of year. The resolutions I have set myself aren’t new for 2018, they’re three main goals I’m going to continue working towards this year.

  1. Go out more. As someone who suffers with agoraphobia I am incredibly comfortable with staying at home 24/7. I tend to only go out when I have to, for example to go food shopping. In 2018 I’m going to continue to push my own boundaries and overcome the hurdles that come with be agoraphobic.
  2. Focus more. I’ve mentioned previously since starting certain medications for my mental health I’ve lost a lot of focus. I go through everyday in a daze if you will. In 2018 I’m going to continue working towards regaining the focus I once had. I want to be able to retrain my brain to be able to use my intelligence to help me achieve my goals. At the moment that intelligence is a little lost.
  3. Achieve more. For a number of years my main focus has been finding my feet in the “adult world”. Living independently has been a struggle but I’ve taught myself everything I need to know in order to be a fully independent woman with no support. Now that I’ve been able to achieve that I am going to be focusing on my other goals which got put onto the back burner. I’ll be setting both small and big goals, all of which will lead to me constantly bettering my personal situation. I’ll be consistently changing and growing as a person.

With those resolutions in mind a lot will be going on in 2018 however, these goals will be changing all the time to fit my situation. So at this point I only have four set events that I can foresee, but as I say, goals, occasions, events etc will all be added over time. So far I’ve got:

  1. My driving test! (This Saturday).
  2. My spinal fusion.
  3. My 21st birthday.
  4. The start of my business venture.

But, in terms of blogging goals I want to be able to end 2018 saying I’ve:

  1. Built my followers up to 500+.
  2. Wrote 118 blog posts as planned.
  3. Write blogs that are useful, entertaining & relevant.

I know that up to now my blogging has been a little sporadic but I’ve got lots I want to write about and a lot that I want to achieve, so from now on blog posts will be scheduled at least every Wednesday and every Sunday at 8pm (GMT). I hope that you’ll all be able to find something that interests you by the end of the year. There is no set audience, just the thoughts, opinions and advice of a 20 year old woman from a small town in Cheshire.

Welcome 2018, and thank you to those of you who have joined me for this journey. I look forward to helping my blog grow as I grow with it!

All my love, Happy New Year x


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