My Goals for 2018

It’s a mere 3 weeks until we welcome the new year with open arms! Usually I’m one of those people who is so beyond ready to wave goodbye to the last year but I must say this year, I’m not feeling that same excitement. Despite the many ups and downs I’ve experienced this year I’ve had overall I great year, so I’m excited for what the new year will bring but I’m in no rush for 2017 to be over.

A brief review of 2017:

This year has been one hell of a rollercoaster, I spent the most part in my first fully independent flat which is where I met my best friend: Ellie! And other dear friends!

From the end of January all the way up to September we both experienced the neighbour from hell, a horrible being who despite the amount of support I offered her as a friend, partied for 9 months straight, morning, noon, and night. With my flat being directly below hers I could never escape the noise so I had a nervous breakdown and had to have my anti-depressants changed. She brought people into our block who threatened to stab me for seeing them trying to stab someone else, being assaulted for trying to prevent brawls, and had abuse hurled at me by people I’d never met. But at the start of September she was evicted, sadly a mere 3 weeks before I was scheduled to move anyway because of her antics but it all worked out for the best.

I moved back to my home town, a place where I belong since the other town isn’t for quiet people like me who behave like they’re 50 when they’re 20! I’m surrounded by peace and serenity, and nature.

I got my little fur-child; Luna. My Savior, who when I was at my lowest point was the only reason I carried on, my concern being who would care for my little bubala. Now she’s the most important being in my life, who would have thought it after just 6 months.

I’ve made real progress with getting the help I need to correct my kyphosis. Having had hospital appointments, been referred for pre-op and now just waiting for a date for surgery!

I QUIT SMOKING! As per the surgeons orders I quit smoking and it was definitely a push I needed!

I’ve learnt to drive in just a matter of months! On August 1st I had my first lesson (with a 3 week break whilst I moved), and now I’m just a few weeks off of taking my test with my theory on Friday! And I bought Cora the Corsa, my beautiful first car.

2018 goals:

Next year I don’t have many goals but they’re big goals that I hope will shape my future.

The first goal is the have my kyphosis correction surgery, since the recovery can be quite long this is why I’m not setting a barrage of goals. I want to recover as well as I can, obviously some things are out of my control but I’ll be sure to take care of myself and make the process as easy as possible for myself.

The second goal is to start by own business. All the details shall be revealed as and when the plan starts getting underway later in the year, but I aim to have the beginnings of a very successful business.

Thirdly, I’d like to build my blog. I’m so focused so much on the followers but I’d like to be able to reach as many people as I can with my stories, my advice, my opinions, and so on. I want to use my blog as a platform to talk about the issues that matter to me!

And finally, I’d like to enjoy myself. Throughout a lot of my life there’s been so much rubbish going on it’s been easy to forget to just smile and find happiness in the little things. I’ve got a great support network around me and plenty to be grateful for, I’d like to spend 2018 appreciating all the blessings I’ve had like I have done this year!

Why don’t you share your goals? Until next time beauties x


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