Hello there! Welcome to my little blog! I know it doesn’t look like much at the moment but one day I hope it will be a catalyst to many good things. Whether that be a reminder to someone that they’re not alone, or influencing someone to try some new food. With a variety of topics this little blog of mine will shine.

So who’s the face behind blog? Well that will remain a mystery. I could be your mother, your sister, your aunty, your niece, even your daughter, sure the likelihood is I’m not… But wouldn’t that be an exciting concept? I am simply and eloquently put: an incognito blogger. The reason behind the mystery being nowadays so many people are desperate to know about you, with cruel intentions. Remaining anonymous will allow me to show you the depths of my soul whilst still having a private life (I’m sure you’ll begin to understand as I delve further into my life but let’s not get ahead of ourselves).

My blog will be split into categories so that there’s a section for everybody. I could list the categories but I’ve no doubt the categories will change as my blog begins to grow, however, they will include topics such as food recipes, book reviews, mental health posts, and stories of my ‘amazing’ (depending when you ask me) life!

On that note: fasten your seat belts because we’re in for a bumpy ride, all aboard the “Incognito Blogger” express!

Until next time x


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